#4 problem converting a house to a medical clinic – correct registration

What is the problem using a residential builder for a commercial project?

In order to convert a house to a medical clinic, whether it’s a GP, chiropractor, physio, or psychology clinic, you need a commercially registered builder. A residential builder doesn’t have the correct qualifications and you can’t legally undertake the works yourself.

If you’re remodeling it to live in, you would use a residential builder. But if you are changing the use from a house to a medical clinic of any description, then you need a commercially registered builder.

It’s outside the scope of a residential builder to conduct the works as they don’t have the required insurance, and they’re not familiar with all the code regarding disability access, such as hinge latch side clearance, hinge points etc. Complying with these regulations is mandatory for your operation.

In order to get the Certificate of Occupancy at the end, you must do the works legally. Without the Certificate of Occupancy, you will have problems getting insurance and passing Council inspections for approved use etc. It is crucial for business operations for your insurer to back you up and provide public professional liability indemnity for you to conduct your operation.

We would love to help you if you’re running into some challenges like this, which you will when you try change your house to a medical clinic. We make it simple so we can begin works sooner and faster and make them more cost-effective.

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