Healthcare Office Fitout Melbourne

As a crucial facet of society’s well-being, the settings that healthcare practices take place should be organised, efficient and, most importantly, welcoming. In an industry that caters to the health and welfare of people, an office space that is inviting for both healthcare professionals and clients is a clear necessity.

At iCON Interiors, we strive to provide healthcare offices with the best fitout solutions they need to achieve a space that is comfortable for all. We are the trusted supplier of office fitout solutions in the Melbourne area, so come and visit us to see how we can spruce up your healthcare office.

Healthcare Office Fitout in Melbourne

Healthcare offices must find a balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. As healthcare professionals are mainly focused on the welfare of the patient, as well as providing efficient services, it’s imperative that the workplace is set-up to achieve these goals.

Drab settings, disorganisation and old-fashioned fitouts can make a healthcare office appear unwelcoming and attribute to its poor time management. When designing a healthcare office, one must consider how the healthcare professionals and their patients will interact with each other while paying attention to the following:

  • Are the fitouts easy to manage in times of urgency?
  • Will the patient feel suffocated within a certain design?

Whatever the case, designing a healthcare office requires a trained professional to understand the needs of the space and the people in it. That said; here at iCON Interiors, we provide the healthcare office fitout melbourne and its healthcare workers deserve and need to work optimally.

We meet with each and every one of our clients in order to listen and understand their needs. We then devise a plan of action that will achieve the fitout solutions they are looking for. The scope of each of our design projects entails:

  • Needs analysis
  • Tenancy evaluation
  • Best practice space planning
  • Building permits
  • Design & documentation
  • Project & construction management
  • Custom joinery
  • Workstations, kitchens, data & electrical, partitions & ceilings, air conditioning, floor coverings, plumbing and signage

Best of all, our services are provided at competitive rates that allows you to work within your own budget restrictions comfortably. Our mission is to create a space that will keep employees and the healthcare professional content working in such an environment, all while encouraging patients to come back for their next visit. With iCON Interiors, you’re sure to achieve just that.

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Give your healthcare office a proper space to comfortably cater to your needs and that of your patients. To book your free email consultation with iCON Interiors, reach out to us at If you have any questions about our services and our rates, give us a call at 1300 764 151

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