Reception Fitouts Melbourne

How important is a first impression? When it comes to offices, a first impression counts for quite a bit, so much so that it can even define the success of your business. Offices tend to host new clients, potential clients, candidates and visitors on a regular basis. The one spot they will all get to see from the moment they step into your workspace is the reception area.

That said; your reception area will obviously serve as the first impression of your office. iCON Interiors operates with a proud group of creative professionals who have helped many offices around Melbourne improve the impressions of their businesses by sprucing up their reception areas.

The Essential Elements of a Reception Fitout

The two most important elements of a reception fitout are the seating and the reception desk. When designed correctly, these two elements can have a huge impact on clients, employees and visitors to your office space. It might sound simple, but the difference good seating and a stylish reception desk can make should not be underestimated.

  • Reception Seating : Our team of designers and creative experts understand that the seating in a reception area needs to be chosen for its functionality, aesthetics, and its overall impact that it would have on the area.
  • Reception Desks : These also need to be chosen for their aesthetics and functionality. However, our designers will tell you that your reception desk can also be used to showcase your company branding while attracting the right kind of attention to your business.

Our team can discuss other important elements such as down lights, feature walls, partitions, and flooring options with you. In working with businesses to create reception fitouts in Melbourne, our goal is to create an environment that’s inviting, practical and comfortable, and all while showcasing the ethos of each specific organisation.

Reception Fitouts in Melbourne

iCON Interiors is the go-to company for all business owners in Melbourne and beyond. We are a full service fitout company that specialises in office fitouts, office partitions, and reception fitouts etc.

Our industry knowledge and experience is extensive, and we offer our skills to the businesses of Melbourne at a reasonable cost. We’ll work alongside you by always listening to your requests and we’ll keep you up-to-date with the progress as it happens. Given the nature of what we do, we refuse to fall short of meeting deadlines and we always keep within our specified timeline for the project. That said, you can expect your reception area fitout to be completed on time, and within budget.

iCon Interiors is the place to go when you need everything related to Office Space Fitouts such as Work Station Fitouts or Office Partitions in Melbourne.

If you’d like more information about our services and our rates, feel free to give us a call today.

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