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Regardless of the nature of a business, all of its employees can attest to the fact that their workstation is one of the spaces that they will use most in daily life. On that note, having a workstation that is well-designed that provides employees with the comfort and the tools they need to do their jobs well is imperative to the overall success of a business.

iCON Interiors understands this statement well, helping Melbourne business owners create work stations that cater to the needs of their employees as best as possible. If you are looking for ways to improve the productivity and raise the morale of your employees, keep reading to see how we can help.

Work Stations in Melbourne

Adequately designed and equipped work stations can improve the overall efficiency and happiness of employees. That’s a fact. Although most employees will personalise their stations with whatever objects make them feel at home, a space that has been designed well from the beginning will create a positive setting for anyone that enters that space.

Through our many years in business, we’ve garnered valuable industry experience and knowledge that other fitout companies in Melbourne don’t have. We understand that business owners have a responsibility to prioritise the welfare of their employees when designing their workstations. We understand that all workstations must be aesthetically pleasing and practical, but that’s not all the considerations that need to be taken into account.

Our team of expert designers are aware that effective workstations must be designed with the following 5 core elements in mind:

  1. Style
  2. Comfort
  3. Health
  4. Safety
  5. Efficiency

Our completed projects speak for themselves and we’re proud of the difference that our office fitouts have made to the countless businesses all over Melbourne that we’ve worked with.

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If your workstations are lacking in style and practicality, don’t delay in contacting us today. You might think that your current workstations don’t make a difference to your bottom line, but not taking action to renovate them could be the biggest mistake you’ll make this year.

Let’s sit down and discuss your visions for the project. We’ll talk about your business requirements, the available space, your budget and the finished result that you’d like to achieve. Our expert designers and creative geniuses will give you their advice and recommendations and, together, we will create a project plan that will meet your expectations.

iCon Interiors is not only an industry expert at Work Station Fitouts but also at Boardroom Fitouts & Kitchen Fitouts in Melbourne.

We like teamwork and we like to keep our clients in the know through each and every step of the project. So, if your workstations in Melbourne are in need of a fitout, get in touch with us. You can book your first consultation with us by emailing us directly at

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